ICAD Portfolio Lab

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Brief//Portfolio Lab
Young advertising creatives: art directors, designers, digital technologists and copywriters do not
seem to be taking advantage of the massive benefits there are to having their portfolio seen by
all the top Creative Directors in town; getting noticed, receiving sincere feedback, securing work
experience etc.
Make Portfolio Lab the first place a young creative heads for, in order to get into the industry. Get
your friends talking about Portfolio Lab, think about what would make them excited and eager to
book a place.
Single Minded Benefit//
25 Creative Directors, in one place, on one night, looking to discover great talent.
What is expected//
It’s all about ideas, ideas, ideas. You choose the most relevant medium for your fellow student
creatives (30 second radio ad, viral, press ad, SU Poster, beermat whatever). Then produce one
execution, which clearly communicates your core idea (it can be hand-drawn, written or very
finished – up to you).