Pint for Nepal

I have been involved in a charity for a number of years, the Umbrella Foundation. The Foundation seeks to relieve the impact of poverty and war on the children of Nepal through projects which promote education, vocational training, and community enrichment, so that they may grow up to become responsible, contributing citizens of Nepal.

The charity faces the problem of trying to extend their pool of sponsors, they need increase awareness and reach out to those who have sponsored them in the past.

In the space of 2 months and with zero budget I set out to put a dent in their problems

My idea was an almost 100% digital drive using social media, bloggers and sneaky tricks to get as much coverage for as little money as possible.

The Idea…..Pint for nepal


The gist: The campaign began on March first and with St. Patricks day coming up we encouraged people to think about their spend on Paddy’s day. We wanted people to donate the price of just one pint, €5 to help the kids in Nepal. There was no bucket shakers on cash transactions. All payments were paid via cc or debit card on our website, on an app on our Facebook page or via a text number.

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 16.11.33

The campaign was a huge success raising almost €3,ooo. Not bad considering the over all spend of just €250.

How I did it and literally I did it by myself! I set up a facebook page: and a twitter account @pint4nepal and began social media whoring to anyone I thought might have some influence. Luckily the foundation had a number of high profile supporters: The Coronas, Jamie Heaslip, a number of Leinster players and GAA players. As the awareness grew I wangled a venue for the launch and two Dublin players, Micky D McAuley, Darragh Nelson and a couple of models (I know models) to pose for a press release which I managed to get in the Star and the Herald. Online I got coverage in le Cool, and

Supporters on Facebook were encourage to use a graphic I designed as their FB cover image and use the logo as their avatar for the duration of the campaign.


Unfortunately 2 days before the launch I received a phone call from a representative of the charity’s board of directors. I was told that there was a problem with the campaign. I could no longer use the word “pint”. I could not use it in the campaign name and that I couldn’t use it on any material at all. With 2 days before launch this was a big problem to say the least.

The campaign had to be rebranded to 5 Lids for the kids. I had to scrap everything, everything had to be reprinted, t-shirts binned, posters taken down etc. I had to set up new twitter and facebook accounts and new 6 sheet artwork had to be sent to the printers by 8am the next day. Fortunately everything came together but we had to incur the only cost of the project which was a reprint of the 6 sheets.

The beermat I couldn’t afford

I had an idea for something that would engage people in the pubs on Paddy’s day, that would remind them to donate, something that they would pick up and even better photograph and share via social media.

Unfortunately the cost would have been to high. The idea was a beermat with all the campaign details on one side and on the other a perforated image that can be used to make a leprechaun puppet.

lep_finger leprachaun_beermat


We had a launch 2 days before St. Patricks day at Doheny & Nesbitts on Baggot Street. There was a great turn up, with live music and comedy.

Gallery here >>

The day before and on the day we had 2 “promobikes” going around the city centre with 6 sheet posters.