Client: Discover Ireland

Brief: Discover Ireland are continuing their campaign to market different parts of the country to its citizens, and the latest area to get this treatment is The West Coast.Special mention must go to the Cliffs of Moher, The Aran Islands and Donegal Castle, but any other place of note can be mentioned. In the current economic climate special mention must be given to the value for the traveler.The radio ad is to be 30 seconds long and will be carried on all major national and local stations.


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So you think you know the west of Ireland?

One minute your watching a centuries old tradition as Aran Islanders set sail in their hand made Currachs…

The next you’re braving the Atlantic Ocean, hugging your surfboard… wishing you had taken one more lesson.

You can soak up 500 hundred years of history strolling the ancient halls of Donegal Castle

or soak up the atmosphere at one the many boutique festivals.

It will take your breath away as you gaze down from the dizzying heights of the Cliffs of Moher

or leave gasping for air as you peddle that final mile after a long days cycle.

Whatever you think, whatever your budget, the West Coast has something for everyone



Client: National Newspapers of Ireland

Brief: Debunk the myth that nobody reads newspapers anymore.

Simple thought:
Everyday we hear about how newspapers are dead. No one is reading them anymore. It’s all about online. Well that’s a load of bollox. We buy over half a million papers a day. How can this many people be called ‘nobody’?

Key statistics:
80% of all adults, or almost 3 million people in Ireland read a newspaper regularly. Every day, almost 50% (1.77m) of all adults in Ireland read a newspaper.

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Client: Discover Ireland

Brief: Ireland like it’s your first time.

A campaign to convince Irish people to holiday at home. The big idea is that Irish people have an inaccurate over familiarity with their own country.
We want to show people that there new experience are as much a possibility at home or abroad.

Not only do we want to show in our campaign those possibilities but we want Irish people to share their own experiences.
Everything is aggregated together using a hash tag #firsttimeireland. This can be used on Twitter, Facebook and instagram and will feed into an app delivering people info on first time experiences from their fellow country people.

To listen click here >> Radio Sting – 15sec – Fish Market. Galway