The Best Yet

In March of this year I attended the The Best Yet competition at the Irish Times. We worked in teams of two from 9am to 4pm to complete an idea for a print ad in the Irish Times based on the following brief:

Skoda were to launch a two car bundle for €27,000, a hatchback citygo and the saloon Rapid that equaled the cost of just one of their competitors standard saloons. The main target market was “Family man”, looking to use the Citygo as a spare family car/for his wife that usually uses his car/for daughter learning to drive.

Based on the research we provided and our own experiences we came up with a concept based on the negatives a that a family might experience when sharing a single car between them.

car       mirror       radio


We were only asked for a one off print executions but I thought it better to have a number of executions ran over a number of weeks.

We were told we could use the Irish Times in anyway to benefit our campaign. So I thought we could bring the concept of the “Three Bears” further and into the digital world.

By creating a 2.4 children Bear family we could create a voice for the campaign. By submitting fictional letters to the online and print Letters Pages of the Irish Times we could build up an interest of the Bear Family. By creating fake Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Bear family we could get the conversation on the Simply Clever Bundle.

letters      skoda_FB     skoda tw