The Road Safety Authority

Client: The Road Safety Authority


Get male pedestrians who believe they can safely drink and walk home (if they’re careful) to realise the danger they’re putting themselves in by telling them that two thirds of pedestrians killed on Irish roads had consumed alcohol.

 What are the key brand truths and benefits that support the brand proposition?

When you’re walking under the influence of alcohol you’re…

… unsteady on your feet making you less capable of crossing road safely and quickly and more likely to fall over or end up on the ground totally out of view of oncoming traffic

…more likely to step out unexpectedly into path of oncoming vehicle because your judgment of distance and speed is seriously compromised.


Walking home from the pub after drinking is so dangerous, you are as good as a dead man walking


 rsa poster light copy


I considered a number of touch points that could help drive the message home to the target audience.

In the bathrooms of pubs and outside pubs on large road signs.



TV Story board:


TV Script:

Scene: 1

A man steps out of a pub into the night looking a bit worse for wear.


Scene 2:

He stumbles slowly across the road, tripping at the verge, the camera scans closer to the “Dead Man Crossing” sign.


Scene 3:

Back lit, the man walks down the road, rocking from side to side


Scene 4:

A car engine is heard and a car comes up behind the man, he doesn’t notice the car and falls into the road


Scene 5: 

The man swings around to face the car.  We can see the man is almost corpse like.


Scene: 6

Bang! The screen cuts to black. We hear the noise of a collision, a body bouncing off a car bonnet.

A narrator reads as the text appears “Two thirds of pedestrians killed on Irish roads have consumed alcohol”


“Organise a safe lift home”


Digital execution with the Hailo App 

With so many people using the Hailo App on the phones, I thought it would make a simple and effective way to get people to organise a safe lift home.

hailo app

RSA in conjunction with Hailo

As an additional setting to the Hailo app the user can select an option for nights when they are going out.

They key in the time they expect to go home. As a reminder Hailo will send them a push notification an hour, 30 minutes and fifteen minutes prior to this time and again in 15 minute intervals after this time.